WTS 23M Skillpoints Mining Alt

Skillboard: Skill link


  • Exhumer 5
  • Frighter Pilot
  • 3,361,415 Skillpoints unalocated
  • Michies, Highwall 1005 implants, +5 mem, +5 Intel clone
  • 2 Remaps avalible

Implant clone located in highsec, Latari X - Moon 4 - Poteque Pharmaceuticals Biotech Research Center

Mandatory details:
Positive wallet
Both clones in Latari
No kill rights
Will be in NPC corp at time of sale
I will pay transfer

This character is a pure miner, alot of money in implants that when mining full time add quite a bit of extra income. The extra skill points can take him down a more focused industrial path or could start his move to indy caps.

Min Bid: 16B
Buyout: 22B

Edit added 1 million to redeemable from referal.

I don’t know if trading pilots is aloud / if you’d even be interested in this pilot but i’d trade for your miner Kraul Dukat's Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App 30.5m

EDIT- I guess I could extract this dude for 20b actually… so i’ll make a 20b bid

Brilliant thanks for the bid, only selling as I cant keep all my accounts plexed and im not getting much time to play atm!

I’ll start extracting tonight when I get home in like 4 hours… If for w/e reason you don’t go with my offer that’s np i’m trying to trash this pilot anyways but i’ll be ready whenever after like 6 hrs should you choose to accept :slight_smile:

Ok, Ill let the auction run until 23:00 GMT tomorrow and if no one has taken the BO he is yours.

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Congratulations Kraul,

I accept your offer of 20 billion, please transfer Isk to this guy along with a mail letting me know where to send the transfer.

Kraul, can you let me know if your still interested? As I will reopen the sale if your not.

Back up for sale as Kraul has not got back to me.

Claimed my free 1mill sp and added to his unalocated. Means with a fresh account you could start with 4.3 ready to customise.

Up we go, apriciate the offer CYNO but not enough to close the post. The implants are worth about 3B at buy prices.

16b offer

Up we go, 16bill is to low for a buyout, if offer stand and he doesnt sell I may come back to you. Thanks.

how long to wait for a response?

Not sure tbh, when I get board of bumping? If you buy something else no worries.

18 bill offer good for 24hrs.

Will you come up to 19?

Sure i’ll do 19

I accept your offer of 19b, please transfer isk and evemail me the name of the acocunt you would like me to transfer him to.

isk and mail sent in game awaiting confirmation

Isk recived, will process trasnfer now.