WTS 23m SP 2006 Pilot (SOLD)


This character was born in 2006 and has spent the last 2906 days sitting in Deep Core Mining Inc.

-Positive wallet
-No kill rights
-Security status of -4.7
-Neural remap available plus 1 bonus
-Set of +4 implants
-Currently docked in low-sec.

Skill highlights:
-Caldari Frigate 5
-Caldari Cruiser 5
-Caldari Battlecruiser 5
-Caldari Battleship 5
-Minmatar Frigate 5
-Minmatar Cruiser 5
-Minmater Battlecruiser 5

Starting Bid: 14 B
Buyout: 20 B

EDIT: Sold to Rayregon Sio

14 Bil

Thanks for getting us started with a fair bid Corry. Going to give it no more than 48 hours before selling.

Daily bump!

20b buyout

Great I’ll contact you in-game for your details.

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