WTS 23mil Amarr Toon (Sold)

(DZeeta) #1

Looking to sell myself.


256k unallocated skill points

Remaps 1 normal + 2 bonus remaps

2 clones
1 with basic implants
1 empty

positive wallet
security Status 0.0
no kill rights
Located in High sec

Price is 17bil

( please messgae OP as he is in logged in for further information, otherwise post in forums)

(xalongskam) #2

17B B/O and please post with the character who is being sold to confirm that you are indeed the owner.

(Tina Depran) #3

Sorry, Yes i am being sold by Dzeeta

(Tina Depran) #4

B/o accepted, contacting to arrange transfer

(xalongskam) #5

ISK and account info sent

(Tina Depran) #6

Payment Received

(Tina Depran) #7

character has been transferred.

(system) #8

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