WTS 2009 44m SP Amarr Logi / PVP Toon

For sale is… me! That feels kind of weird…
Anyway, some highlights:

3 Remaps availible
Full MG Slave set in current clone (located in Jita 4-4)
Jump clone w/ Genos in Amarr

Excellent Armor skills, strong Amarr BS / Nightmare pilot & mission runner / pvper. Also great in a Guardian or similar support role. T2 Large lasers, Logi 5, just getting into jump skills but the books are set.

Positive wallet, will have 100m when sold.
No killrights currently.
-0.74 security

90k FDU LP
36k Amarr LP
Lvl 3 SOE missions availible, Lvl 4 for Amarr


Bidding starts at 33b please, taking B/O offer. Seller paying transfer costs of course.

30 bil


Offer accepted. Once isk and account info are received i will happily setup the transfer.

acc name and isk send

Isk received, verification sent ingame. Transfer has been setup

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