WTS - 38 mil SP Amarr Combat - Legion / BS / etc. - Good Name!

I’m for sale! 2009 DOB Solid Name, Amarr specialist with a little into other ships / guns, but focused on Amarr BS / Legion / etc. Beam and pulse specialist to at least lvl 4 on each. Great toon for combat with a little into PI/Indy for cash making on the side if need be. PVE or PVP solid.


Full head of High Grade Slaves. Remap available. 45k unallocated SP currently.

Good Sec Status
NPC Corp
Parked in Jita
Zero Wallet

This character receives all ISK for purchase and seller pays all transfer as per normal.

Let’s start off at 27bil with a 30bil BO.

Thanks for looking!

Daily bump. Let’s get some offers going. Great toon!

29 bil

Good start, let’s see where we get



Daily bump!

Bump! Let’s get this sold!



Withdrawn due to zero response from bidder


Tuesday’s Bump!

Hump-day Bump!

28 bil

Go 30 and we can do this

sorry, 28bil max… otherwise, good luck

Nope, thanks.

29 bil

Throw another bil on there and it’s a go Popo!