WTS 24.3 Mil SP Orca, Rorq Pilot

(Ran Kane Kion) #1

I was born in June 2016 in Caldari space.
Positive standing in Empire.
No Kill rights.
2 remaps available
24.3 Mil SP.
+4 implants
Mining Foreman Mindlink

Strong orca pilot with very strong drone skills
Great mining boost and fleet boost
Jump Clone with same implants
Both are located in Empire space near Amarr
I will pay transfer fee

password 1234

Cost: 25 Bil

(Master Collector) #2

Who is for sale Lun Tawate or Ran Kane Kion The rules state that the toon being sold must make the post.

I will open you will an 18 billion isk offer.

(Zeverian Yassavi) #3

25b b/o. Please confirm information. Ie who is for sale?

(Nebbye) #4

22b B/O

(Glynda Rose) #5

23B b/o

(Glynda Rose) #6

sent you a ingame mail. I want to Buy Out this Character

(Glynda Rose) #7

you can also reply my WTB topic

(Zeverian Yassavi) #8

25b b/o. Again.

(Glynda Rose) #9

26B B/O

(Glynda Rose) #10

ISK and account info sent, please transfer

(Nebbers) #11

It doesn’t quite work like that dude.
Unless you have mailed back and forth with OP, which would be weird, seeing as @Zeverian_Yassavi bid the B/O and won the auction.

(Glynda Rose) #12

please read my topic

we make the deal with 26B and we already contact in game.

(system) #13

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