[WTS] 24.4 Mil SP Orca, Rorq pilot

Greetings capsuleers,

I was born in December 2016 in Gallente space.
My security status: 5.0
Positive standing in Empire.
No Kill rights.
Possitive wallet.
4 Newbie null sec corporations.
Next remap available: 2018.02.07 + available 1 bonus remap.
24.4 Mil SP.

  • Orca lvl 5 - T2 mining Drones, Ice mining Drones. T2 modules.
  • Rorqual pilot:
  • T1 Indy core
  • Panic Button
  • Cyno
  • Good drone skills.
  • good boosting skills - Tech I shield boost. Tech II Mining Foreman.
  • secondary engineering skills.

I am currently living in Jita 4-4 in an NPC corporation. Jump clones will be destroyed.
Wearing +3 implants.
I will pay for the transfer.

Starting Bid is 20 Bil.

Eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Yongxi-thinh_Chent-Shi/
Password : 1234

Happy biding fellow capsullers.


15 Bill


Added password. Expectation would be 25 bil, please inform me whether it is realistic, or I should wait until December.

if it is an account had well distributed the skillpoints you could ask for that amount, but once you buy it you have to invest a good amount in strators to be able to fix it, I recommend that you accept the 20B that you have just offered.

Character is ready to be sold.
Good luck to everyone.


Character is being sold to TOR LOCK for 22 bil.
Waiting for isk.
Character transfer will be initiated in 8 hours for the sake of my relationship.

Isk received. Initiating transfer in 2 hours.

Transfer Character
We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.
Character Name: Yongxi-thinh Chent-Shi
Will be completed after: 10/29/2017 4:20:52 PM

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