WTS 24 M NYX Fully focused pilot for PVP/PVE

Hi, :wave:

WTS 24 M Fully focused NYX pilot for PVE or PVP.


Fighters V

Heavy Fighters V

Light Fighters V

Fighter Hangar Management IV

Gallente Carrier IV

One Remap available

Ready to sit, fit and play.

Min offer 22 B ISK

B/O price is 28 B ISK

Not for rush sell. Only for who need this tune to use it, not to extract or something

Hey there, i would buy and use the charackter.
But your price is probably way to high in the current market. Id still offer 13b which is above extraction price.

hey :wave: Tygarian_Draconis

thanks for the proposal, but I decline, its too low for me, Im not comparing my sell for extraction price, Im comparing it for creation or from one year pure time leveling or 33 B of Injecting from Skill injectors.

I made min offer 22B, Im not in rush for this sell

Bump :wink::wink::wink:

Bump, :wave:
Still waiting for new master :cowboy_hat_face:

This char is far off being useable in big bloc combat, no JDC V, no rigging, barely any support skills.


Mikori Vika, hi :wave::wave::wave:


Armor Rigging / Rank 3 / Level: 3 / SP: 24,000 of 768,000
Astronautics Rigging / Rank 3 / Level: 3 / SP: 24,000 of 768,000
Drones Rigging / Rank 3 / Level: 3 / SP: 24,000 of 768,000
Jury Rigging / Rank 2 / Level: 3 / SP: 16,000 of 512,000

What else do you need?
Great Nyx pilot will be around 40kk sp, so half year more skills to learn.

But It can be used in block fights, I dont see problems.:+1::+1::+1:

Damn, on a business trip right now.
Ready to pay 30b (bo +2b as reserve) but on next Wednesday (23th if i remember correctly).

How about this deal?

Hi, :wave::wave::wave:

Good deal, but to reserve this tune for you till 26.06.2021 (+ 3 days for you to recover from trip) I need atleast something, you can send me this 2b reserve money and I will remove tune from trading, money will be reserved on my wallet till deal will be completed.
If you will change your mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: this 2b will remain for covering this time that I could sell tune. (Standart reservation money deal).

Im not in rush and I will wait without any problem with this reservation.

If you decide to wait without any prepaiment, then, maby I will not sell this tune till your trip eill be completed, but maby not, who knows :crazy_face::crazy_face::crossed_fingers:🤷

If you can not reach your pc to send me reservation money, you can ask somebody of your friends to send me it, but please, write his name on this topic or in the ingame mail with this topic name, to recognize this paiment for make it officially. :money_with_wings::face_with_monocle::+1:

Anyway, wish you productive working trip!!!

My wife shall contract Serena Edier reservation that approx costs 5bil.
Feel free to leave that rorqual on toon, since when i buy Serena, it will be transferred back to me.

Dear testing_trading,

I will accept as reservation mentioned above, only ingame ISK not less then 2b ISK and only transfered to Polonus Parsecovich with confirmation email ingame that this money for reservation the deal between Polonus Parsecovich and testing_trading.

No any ingame items will be accepted any of my accounts as part of any deal.

Rest 28B ISK must be transfered to Polonus Parsecovich till 26.06.2021 to complete the reservation and buy Serena Edier

2 bil sent to Polonus Parsecovich

Confirm receiving 2 bil ISK 2021.06.17 12:40 ET for reservation of the buying Serena Edier for testing_trading.

Serena Edier removed from selling till 26.06.2021

Waiting 28 bil ISK and transfer account name to complete deal.


money and account name sent.

28b money and acc name in mail received.

23.06.2021 15:39:17 UTC 1 x EVE Character Transfer

:muscle: :handshake: :handshake:

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