WTS 240m SP subcap, cap, supercap pilot

-Located in Jita
-NPC Corporation
-No Kill Rights
-Sets of High Grade Clones

-Bonus remaps available: 2
-Unallocated SP: 1.46kk
-All CCP rules apply

Character Sheet

Starting bid 190B
B/O: 250B

180B offers

200 b offer

I will accept the highest bid today at DT.

do you agree 40000 PLEX and 5B isk?

sorry, no. only isk.

i can accept 20000 plex + 105b isk

you win. pls send isk and acc name ingame


you can create personal contract to me. and write acc name in mail ingame

sry.i need time to sell 20k plex…-_-

I’m sorry, but I’m rescinding my offer because I can’t find a buyer

you have time before Alycia Carry answer to me

If you still interesting this char, a can accept your firts bid 40k plex +5 bil.

Sent you a mail about buying the plex.

isk sent account name sent through eve mail

Isk received, char transfer started:
Transferring to ***********
Will be completed after 10/18/2023 3:45:57 PM

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