WTS 24m sp Golem/tengu/falcon pilot

Total assets 4.5 billion
CEO of the corporation with the raitraru station in low sec 11 jumps from jita

13bil start

22bil B/O

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14 Bil. still new to the game just looking for a 2nd character thats a little ahead.

15 bil

to sell a character, you need to be in an NPC corporation, so your raytaru can be ignored

16 bil

Ok, thx

if after 6 hours they do not offer more, it is sold

no problem. i am excited but i completely understand if someone swoops it under me. i really hope i get it

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Be aware that a Character Transfer is only possible when the Char is in a Npc Corp.
Also is sellling Assets prohibitet within this Forum, you can sell all Assets in the ingame Market.

So you can edit your post, and only sell the Character an flag it when you are done with the editing, until this point this Trhead will remain closed.