WTS 24M SP, jack of all trades

24M SP 2008 character

Solid missiles, shields, gunnery. Solid engineering and fitting skills.
Caldari specialization but good versatility. I did mainly combat but was a jack of all trades for a while. Mining barge 5, caldari and gallente industrial 5. Cov ops bomber capable. Decent E-war.
Full +4 implants

Wallet positive balance
no kill rights
new jump clone available
low sec station, but can be moved at buyers convenience
-sec status. Past life pirate, but many years ago so no bad blood and good corporate history.
2 remaps available

post bids


18b offer

19b offer

19.2 offer


19.6 b


its yours :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offers guys, anyone else?

Retracted, too.

18 billion

bump, still considering offers

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