WTS 25,5 ml SP pilot (3,8 ml SP free)

3,8 ml free SP
positiv wallet
no kill rights
Located in jita
(eveskillboard link fixed)

Skillboard link isn’t working

Thread repoened.

Maybe 18 bil will be Ok?


I’ll tinking about

Character transfers are temporarily suspended while upgrades to the service are being conducted.

Yep, and maybe this is not for a few hours. Days at least. Maybe a weeks. CCP is quite slow guys.

In the neighbour thread was said that transfers is up. No info about fixed issues, but transfers is available possibly.

rgr, I’ll check this

I suggest choosing an average price of 19b

I just bought 26.2 mil SP focused mining/refining/PI toon for 16b. 18b for 25,5 mil toon is very decent price. More than 4b over extraction value. So i decide to keep my offer unchanged.

As i can see, 18 isn’t enough for you. I have only one slot left, and to fill it, can offer 18,5bil. But this is last price.

still showing in PC corp

19 Bil b/o offer good ONLY if you can prove the character is in an NPC corp and that skillboard is up to date

will such evidence do?

still interested?

Sorry, 10 days was too much to wait. Consider this a free bump