WTS 25m sp Covert/Bomber pilot

(Jewel Noret) #1

I am for sale:


This is an alt that I’ve had since '06, but don’t use much. No reputations or character issues. No kill rights, positive wallet, all that jazz, yada yada yada. Ran FW missions in a bomber for quite a while with this character and made really good ISK.

No starting bid, no end-of-sale date. When I get a fair offer, I’ll sell, it’s that simple.

Happy bidding!

(Maizie Fields) #2


(TxivYawg1) #3


(Gravel Arnst) #4

Bought a different toon.

(Haley Hot Drop) #5

Bid retracted I decided to go a different direction. Sorry for the late reply.

(Jewel Noret) #6

Thanks for the bids so far folks. I was planning on selling this evening with a good enough offer, but that would require a lot of work, considering I just realized I still have 3,084,706 unspent Loyalty Points with Tribal Liberation Force.

I’m not sure how Loyalty Points count as far as the forum rules go. I know it used to be no appreciable assets with sale, but I’m not sure I would consider points to be an asset. They do have value though, so it may take me a few days to liquidate the points, unless someone wants to make an offer including their value.

(Jewel Noret) #7

Edit: All Loyalty Points have been taken care of. Up just a bit more and I’ll let this pilot go tonight.

A few extra things I forgot to mention:

1+1 remaps available.
-.5 sec status
Full set of basic implants
2 jump clones, one with 5 slots worth of missile hardwirings and 2 basic implants. Great for bomber.

(Whip Van Rinkle) #8


(v3rmin) #9

Bid retracted. Good luck with sale.

(Jewel Noret) #10

See below

(Jewel Noret) #11

Will sell this pilot today in 12 hours. Haley Hot Drop is currently top bid at 17.5b, if he/she responds.

(Big Pops) #12

Will offer 17b

(Jewel Noret) #13

Offer accepted. Send isk and accouunt info for transfer to this pilot and I will start the transfer.

(Big Pops) #14

Isk and account info sent

(Jewel Noret) #15

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Jewel Noret

Will be completed after: 8/9/2017 4:06:03 PM

(Big Pops) #16

Sorry for late reply, posting to confirm that character has been successfully transferred and that everything went smoothly.