WTS 25M SP Specialized PvP (Cynabal)

This is a PvP character, trained with injectors to focus.


-Focused towards perfection with a Cynabal (Minmatar/Gallente skills)
-Skilled gunner & specialized in drones
-Armor or shield capable
-Skilled Oracle pilot with lasers for afk poco shooting

-Can fly Fenrir
-Can do PI well
-Genolution Core Augmentation CA-1 to C-4 implant set +2 others, see picture.
(for power output bonus on tight cynabal setups)

Start: 26 bill
Buyout: 29 bill
Ends: 27th Sept

No killrights, positive wallet, location high sec, no jumpclones.



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if this is still for sale contact me in game please maybe we can make a good deal :slight_smile:

Hi, auction still active.
I was stuck in a WH and also IRL so sorry for not answering until now.
The auction continues with new end date.

20B cause nobody Pay ofer 1B/1mil SP

Thank you, but to low.

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Still going

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