WTS 25M SP Specialized PvP (Cynabal)

This is a PvP character, trained with injectors to focus.


-Focused towards perfection with a Cynabal (Minmatar/Gallente skills)
-Skilled gunner & specialized in drones
-Armor or shield capable
-Skilled Oracle pilot with lasers for afk poco shooting

-Can fly Fenrir
-Can do PI well
-Genolution Core Augmentation CA-1 to C-4 implant set +2 others, see picture.
(for power output bonus on tight cynabal setups)

Start: 24 bill
Buyout: 27 bill

No killrights, positive wallet, location high sec, no jumpclones.

up we go

up again

forgot to bump, still active, no hurry.

15b offer

ok thanks for offer.
But prices stated still valid

I might be interested. Can you make the standings viewable on Eveskillboard?

Still interested ? Standings are neutral overall.

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