WTS 26.2mil Thanatos Pilot

Positive wallet
No kill rights
Sitting in Jita

18bil obo

I can do the 18b bo if that’s what you meant

sorry, typo yes 18b bo

19b ill take it right now


Are you accepting the offer of 18b I will need a day to biomass a toon on the acount I will want it sent to

isk to who?

accepted 19b, isk to Constance Byers

I can do 19.5

offer has been accepted dude, dno why you keep bidding

I offered his buyout price that he asked for in the post you offered more then I offered more

obo =/= buyout

ok to clear things up, i accept Rav Airuta’s offer of 19b isk to be sent to Constance Byers

isk and acc name sent

transfer initiated

Come on why didn’t you even give me a chance to offer more after he offered 19b

no character received yet, did it go through?

still havent received anything, please post an update

transfer completed after creating a support ticket.

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