WTS 26.4mil Gunnery & Drone

Skill Sheet

Many drone skills at V including Drone Interfacing V.
Gallente Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser V
Amarr Frigate & Destroyer V
Minmatar Frigate III, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battlecruiser IV
Great Engineering, Navigation and Armor skills, good Shield skills.
Scanning skills at IV & Astrometrics V (Astrometrics L5 complete in 17hrs from time of post)

9.4Mil SP in Gunnery.
All Secondary Gunnery Skills at V.
Gunnery, Controlled Bursts, Rapid Firing, Trajectory Analysis, Surgical Strike, Sharpshooter. All L5.
Many turret skills at V. Including T2 Medium Blasters IV, Large Hybrid Turret V, Medium Laser Turret V.
Many Small Turrets V. Including T2 Small Blasters V.

I would like to have a 22B Buyout. Close to bids would be considered.

Thank you!

Skill Sheet


18b offer

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