WTS - 26.8M SP Focused Minmatar PVP Pilot 2009 Char

I want to sell this character not using anymore.
Amarr Battlecruiser / Level: 5
Caldari Battlecruiser / Level: 5
Gallente Battlecruiser / Level: 5
Minmatar Battlecruiser / Level: 5
Large Hybrid Turret / Level: 5
Drone Interfacing / Level: 5

Account has positive wallet of 1 million
Bonus remaps: 3

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Agent_Thorne (p/w) = 654321 26.8 million SP

bidding starts at 18 bill B/O when i find a nice offer.

What exactly are you focused into? you have mining industry and cross trained guns and ships all over the place.

Hi yh ive trained in to lots of things i trained into basic pvp and basic logistics and some planetary management and loads of random things at the time not knowing what to specify. Look at the web site i linked password is 654321 you can get a good understanding there.
best wishes hope i hear from you soon.

18 bil

20 bil

21 bil

21.5 B

Just checked account value is estimated at 13 bill would like it to sell over 28 bill

21.5 is pretty much spot-on its value, it has no added worth from being an unfocused mess. Good luck.

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