Wts 26 mil Rorqual pilot



26 mil Rorqual pilot 2.3 mil Unallocated SP
NPC corp
positive ISK balance
no Kill rights
Located in high sec
ISK : 23 B

15Bil ISK ready

For the char.tools site
Change your settings to this to show a breakdown of your skills


you ve been doing us all a service :stuck_out_tongue:

We made the site for our service but by default we only needed to see social skills. Ill the creator if he can switch and make all skills visible

Edit @ISD_Traindriver @Paul_Kon

Its fixed so when a new char is created on there, all skills show default. Working on getting it to show corp status.


We kao I can offer 16B

It has been changed

The price is too low

17 bil

18 bil, if u still selling this

I have been waiting for many days. R u still for selling

Toon still on sale ?

r u stilling for selling? i offer 18B many days ago!