WTS 27.2 Mill Sp Mining/Research Alt SOLD

This character is a fantastic mining/research alt that I have used for some time. Sadly, I have to downsize my Eve operation due to real life commitments hence she is now for sale. All CCP rules to apply.

27,273,213 Mill Sp

Sec Status 0.0

2 Remaps available, a 3rd in 3 months’ time.

Implants: Character has a full set of Standard +4 Implants

ISK Balance: 5000000

Character has no kill rights against her.

Character has no jump clones

Character located in Ikami VIII Moon 12


Exhumers V

All High End Minerals at V

Ice Harvesting V

Industry and Advanced Industry V

Cybernetics V

Research V

Laboratory Operations and Advanced Laboratory Operation V

Starting Bid 23b Isk. Please make a legit offer, i will consider it.


Bump :smile:

Bump :slight_smile:

21B Offer

23 bil

Hi Maizie, i would like to see if i can get a little more for her so i would like to run the sale for a few more days. Sorry for any inconvenience, plus i am away atm and tbh i have the worse internet right now i wouldn’t want to try doing anything.

Maizie, will advise in 48 hours. Regards

Confirming my interest, will contact you in game.

When you contact me i will hear it on my phone and if i can login i will. Regards

Ingame atm but a little sporadic with afk’s, looking after my son and trying to clean etc, i will keep an eye out for you. Kind Regards Sarah

Hi Sarah,

Revising my bid to 24b as discussed in game!

Rgr that, i accept that. :slight_smile:

Awesome Maizie, it was a real pleasure doing business with you. Enjoy your weekend. Kindest Regards Sarah

Thanks, Sarah, transfer confirmed, it’s been a pleasure to do business with you as well!!

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