WTS 18.8 Mill Sp Mining/Research Alt SOLD

This character is a fantastic mining/research alt that I have used for some time. Sadly, I have to downsize my Eve operation due to real life commitments hence she is now for sale. All CCP rules to apply.

18,841,581Mill Sp.

Sec Status 0.01.

3 Remaps available.

ISK Balance: 396731

Character has no kill rights against her.

Character has no jump clones

Character located in Ikami VIII Moon 12


Exhumers V

Ice Harvesting V

Industry V

Cybernetics V

Research V

Laboratory Operations and Advanced Laboratory Operation V

Starting Bid 18b Isk or make a legit offer, but note i am not giving her away :slight_smile:


Bump :slightly_smiling_face:

restracted, I bought another char.
GL with the sale

Thank you i will consider it and advise you in a couple of days, apologies i am about to be out for a few days. Have a great day :slight_smile:

Bump :slight_smile:

I’ll do 8b if you are still open to offers

11 bil

Thank you for the offers, i would like a little bit more for her if possible, i will let the sale run for a few more days. I am away atm anyway and have woeful internet. Apologies for any inconvenience. Cheers

Bump. Still a bit low for me sorry.

12.5 bill

Thanks Hibster for your offer, but atm it is still a bit low for me. I will advise in 48 hrs my intent. Regards

13bil here

14 B B/O

Looks good Merlin, i will be back this afternoon to review. Busy as hell atm my apologies.

not a problem hopefully i’ll be on when you come back.

Cool, shoot me a quick Eve mail and it should go off on my phone, if i am awake i will login. Regards

My highest bid is 15

Ok people many thanks for your bid/offers, but Lara has been sold i thank you all, fly safe.
Regards Lara

Isk and info sent Transfer in progress

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