8M SP Science/ High Sec Mining Alt

8,345,795 SP in Science/Production and High Sec Mining skills


Good for AFK Retriever ice mining and research work (ice harvesting 5, mining 5 etc).
OK drone and other support skills.

Positive wallet
0 Security Status
No Kill rights
Location Jita
2 bonus remaps

A decent alt to build on.

Looking for a quick sale.

Price ?

Am open to any reasonable offers thats beats me skill extracting and biomassing the toon.

what you wanting ?

Anywhere over 5bn would be a fair price.

3.5 bil ready

4.5 BIL here

Hi, i accept your offer. Please send your account info and ISK.

give me a few mins

everything sent

Thanks. Isk and information received.
Character transfer initiated in account management.

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