WTS Mining-Research Character 29m SP [Closed]

Greetings !

I would like to sell my body to the best offering creature.

I have around 29m SP, mostly focused (79k unallocated)
Password : 4321-

  • on mining (Hulk & crystals) - Reprocessing
  • researching & production
  • some small frigate pvp & Minmatar BS L5, aswell as gunnery if need for fleet ops helping.

+4 Implants & Mining yield + 5% aswell as reprocessing +4%
I have 1 neural remap available + 2 bonus. (actual focus on intell & memory)

  • one clear jumpclone in high sec (npc station)

Positive security status
Neutral to all factions (can enter any space)
Positive wallet status
No kill rights (either way)
Standing in an NPC Corp / Station (Amarr)
It has some research RP (around 220k) that continue to increase each day & 44k LP
The character comes with some assets here & there that are offered to you. (not counting in final price)

The least i can get is around 22B if i decide to extract my brain myself, so please consider offering something more interesting.

I hope i haven’t forgotten anything & Have a nice day!


seems a password is required on the Eveskillboard site.
Possible for you to fix it or post it here?


my bad, sorry, i though i’ve deleted that , i have updated the post with the required password. Thank you.

Hello ! Daily Update!
Is no one interested in this character ? Something you dislike ? I’d like to know.
Thank you!

21b b/o

Hello there!

Thank your for your interest in buying me. Your offer is interesting but i’d like a bit more.

22 bil

hello, thank you for your offer but this is the least i could get from extraction & i’ll still end up with a 5m char.

23 bil and I’ll do all the work ;=)

It seems there is not much interest in this kind of characters & the prices are quite low atm.
Therefore i have decided to cancel this auction.

Tank you all for your participation.

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