WTS 27M Great Tengu, Vindi, Machariel, Rattlesnake, Covops Pilot


Zero Wallet Balance
Located in Jita or Perimeter
Full set of Standard implants (+4).
No kill rights.
I will pay the transfer fee.

Starting at 18B
Current Bid: 25B
B/O at 25B

Reach me here or feel free to send me ingame mail

17 bil

Thanks for the bid :slight_smile:

Hello. I offer 21 bil for him. Please let know if you are ok with it.

Thanks for the 21B offer. I want to wait a bit to see If there is interest for a bit higher. Will let you know.

I can make the offer a bit higher but have no time to wait.

If you want to keep your offer confidential, send me an ingame mail and we can take it from there.

sent you conversation invitation from my main character

25 bil BO

sorry all/highest bidder.

I will have to hold off trading this character, due to time constraints in having it ready for transfer. I may repost here soon once I have my affairs in order.

@Hagbard_Oskold If still interested, I can accept your offer. Otherwise, Open for offers

Hello. Isks have been sent. Awaiting for the character.

Money has been received. Beginning transfer shortly

Looks like i am in corporation stasis because i was ceo of my own corp…Is it ok to wait? Please let me know and apologies. I was not aware of this cooldown.

@Hagbard_Oskold Account now transferring. Thanks for your patience

@Hagbard_Oskold can you confirm when you receive the character?

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