WTS - 28.5mil SP - 8mil unallocated!

Now here is something special - 28.5M SP BUT 8,000,000 Unallocated SP !!

-NPC corp
-no kill rights
-sec 0.06
-positive wallet
-No jump clone
-in 1.0 Amarr (Oris)

35b buyout bid start at. 28b but might refuse below buyout price.


30b buyout now.

Thx for bidding - only posted, can meet in the middle now 32.5b or give it few days for other pilots to have the opportunity bid.



ok pilot - let’s shorten the process - 30b accepted - waiting for ISK and account Name

No longer need urgently.

So I’ll just bid the 28b - we can settle for that if you want.

OK - bid noted - will give it few more days.


29b offer

Thanks for bidding - few more days, looking for closer to buyout price.

Bump! 8M unallocated SP

Day Bump!


no longer for sale.

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