WTS 28 M SP tengu/orca/prospect link pilot closed

character will be in NPC corp tomorrow after the 24 stasis
Docked in amarr ATM
security status 0.1
Positive wallet
46256 SP unallocated
clean killboard

first trading char (maybe need some information of proceed way)
make offer


Friendly bump for you. You have to follow the rules or ISD will close this thread.

  • Character must be in NPC Corp
  • You must post where the character is (high/low/null sec)
  • Security status
  • Positive/negative wallet
  • Only one bump per 24hr period


20 Bill, but you should be in NPC corp .

Edited thanks for your consideration

cancelled offer closed

30b maby?

20 bil is ready ,but you should be in NPC corp first

22 billions

Guys if you look at his skill board this toon only has 5 million SP

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u r right

LOL! I did not notice :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Character does not have the advertised quantity of SP, further more the character must be in a NPC Corp at the time and for the entire duration of sales thread being active.

Bazaar Rules are found here