WTS 286 mil sp pvp toon 2004

WTS - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Valkiria

2004 toon
283 mil sp + 3 mil unallocated sp
Can fly pefect/near perfect any ship
Good name
Good kb
AT medals

Positive wallet
No killrights
Character located in Jita
1 remap available

Jump Clones
High-grade Snake
High-grade Asklepian
Improved Learning +5

B\O 300 bil

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Nice account, free bump

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Bump for boobies

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Good account How much for sale?

@gucci_Monica the price is in the topic bro


bid noticed

b u m p

I want to buy this

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send isk and accoun info

Is it me?

B\O 300 bil
send isk and account info

280 bil? If 280 bil ok ,I will send ISK to you

ok i accept 280 bil

You can accept 10 hours transfer


Nothing,Can I pay now?

transaction now?

You can make a transfer, I’ll check and confirm within an hour

Will ISK pay to Valkiria?

If not, please tell me who I should pay for.