WTS 29 mil SP character

Hello I am for sale!


Taking offers as of now, will be selling to the highest bidder when I accept the price.
Currently in NPC corp and in a highsec station.
Located in Duripant VII - Moon 6 - Federal Navy Academy
All jump clones available
2 Bonus Revamps available
1 mil skillpoints available
No kill rights
Positive sec status

12B here isk ready now

i could do 12.5

13b is also fine for me

13.1 from me

14b here

will do 14.25 bil

i can offer 16b

i notice anathor charactor is better for me, cancel my offer.

my final offer at 14.25 will stand for the rest of the day

I’m still taking offers

I’ll offer 14 bil

14.2b is my offer



Gonna be taking more offers, will possibly make a decision in 24h

Felicity Trudeau 14.6

its such an interesting skillset, it has okay SP but can’t do any one thing expertly. but i think i can make it work with a few months of work. 16.25b


Still interested?