WTS 29m Focused Gila/Ishtar/Tengu - Drone/Missile pilot start from 20B (lowered)

Perfect alt toon, can run abyss, anomaly, all around pvp
Positive Wallet
No kill rights
2 jump clones Jita & Perimeter
Char location: jita4-4
No killboard history
No corp history


Implants set in use (mainly for abyss)

-Still training
-Own some good skins

Starting bid: 20b (lowered)
Buyout: 30b

Friendly bump mate-


Offer 22B, will likely spend elsewhere by 10/15 if not interested

Any update on this? offer currently still stands

fine 22b

Waiting for CCP to fix their security token issues (Character transfers are temporarily suspended while upgrades to the service are being conducted - #7 by Fencemover) before tying up all this money. Still interested in this account and will respect the 22b offer/acceptance when these issues are fixed

fair enough, just replay this post once you are ready to complete the trade.

ISK sent, along with information on recipient account

Ok, i’ll get it sorted today.

Sent updated account information just now, I’d prefer it on that new account if possible. Thanks!

please confirm when is all good.

Received, thank you for the pilot!

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