WTS 29m Moros / Almost Erebus ready Pilot

I offer more)))

Sure you did. But the rules of that particular auction state that B\O price is 35b. I was the first who offered that bit and it is now up to the seller to decide whether he wants to do everything according to his initial conditions or not.

You just gave up)))

As I’ve been at work, and haven’t been able to see the B/O offers untill now, I will accept your offer of 37b

Send isk & details and I will initiate transfer.

And Nightly Thief, the fine pring is 35 b/o (or untill I’m satisfied) :slight_smile: (sorry, 2b is still isk)

offer 38b

Since Sulley has not sent either isk nor details, I will accept you offer of 38b.

Please send within the next 30min before I go to work :slight_smile:

Well, whoever sends isk first, will get the character when I get home tonight :slight_smile:

If nobody send you money - my offer is still active. I’m ready to send money right now.

If none of the higher bidders send isk & details by the time I wake up in about 8-10 hrs, I will accept Nightly thief’s offer.

I will obviously return the isk if more than one person sends isk within this timeframe as per rules etc.

Trying to contact you ingame :slight_smile:

Isks have been transfered, account details provided.

Recieved, starting transfer

Do you transfer using PLEX?

Yes, petition is sent

Please let me know when you get the approval from CCP? As far as I understand there will be no email to my end when the transfer is made via PLEX.

Correct, there won’t be any response from them untill its completed though cuz “ccp things”

Character not received yet.

Still awaiting CCP action =/ they hella slow

Character received. Thank you!

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