WTS 29M SP Miner

I am for Sale
All ccp rules will be followed
No Kill rights
positive wallet
In High Sec station
I pay Transfer fee

You say 23M SP but the Character sheet says 29M?

If it’s 29M for Zombie Meat, I’ll bin for 20B.

Let me know.

Thank you
Your right it is 29Mil SP
So I think he is worth more.

What are you looking at for a buyout then? You have 20B listed above…

contacted in-game

Corrected SP to 29M And up dated Price.

25B Isk ready

Amy Foster
Offer Accepted
Please send User name and isk in game
Thank you

Isk and Acc Details Sent.


Isk received
Transfer started

Notification received. Will reply once received.

Char received, thanks!

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