WTS 2x 5m toons ( 2 remaps on each)

do you have eveboard or the other page?



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Still looking, want to sell them both

3b for lamb m0lester

This isn’t auction. Thanks for offer

4b for ZE KING

feel free to send isk and account name, ill petition to start transfer

sending ISK and account name


Ze king Sold, isk and account name received.
1 Toon left for sale


1 toon for sale, 4b price

3.2b isk ready

isk and info sent to Lamb m0lester

Pls check the 2nd gamemail.

I’m curious why are you sending isk and account name? Both toons was sold and sucessefully transferred

It shows still avaliable here tho

have you negotiated with seller? Cause I was owner of this toon and sold them both week ago.

Oh, I will retract it then. Pls send isk back, thanks

Ask new owner about isk and next time talk ingame or wait for acceptance. Probably new owner are not even looking here=)

Thanks for advice

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