(Queen Currency) #1


Start Bid - 4.5 Bil

Per 21
Mem 25
Will 21
Int 21
Cha 31

2 Remaps available
+4 Implants
Positive Wallet
Clean Corp History (only NPC Corp)

Spaceship Command V
Gunnery V

(Queen Currency) #2

Daily Bump 1/28

(Skir Melkan) #3

I’ll pay 3B

(Queen Currency) #4

i’ll consider it, thanks for the bid, I want to give it a few more days though.

(Queen Currency) #5

1/29 Bump

(silver20) #6

3.5b -

(Doctor Aeva) #7

4B for your toon

Auction running until when?

(SarnBix) #8

4.5b for the toon

(Kiki Abraxas) #9

what are his standings ?

(Sigil Audene) #10

let me raise to 5b

(SarnBix) #11

can do 5.5 now

(Queen Currency) #12

5.5 sold
please contact ingame

(SarnBix) #13

isk and account info sent

(system) #14

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