[WTS] 2x Starter Toons. 5m SP @

Both toons are nice starters, or potentially excellent SP farms.

Both Cybernetics 5
Both 50k unspent SP

Both in Perimeter
Positive Wallets
No Killrights
0.0 Sec Status
3 Remaps each


4.25B @

Charcters will not respond to in game mail, Larissa might, I dont log her on much on the weekend.

Confirming I am for sale.

Confirming I am for sale.


I’ll take both for 7.5 bil

I will purchase the first toon now for 4B
i have made multiple offers on charcters, first to accept i will buy the toon

thank you for your time
I have purchased another character
I subtract my offer.

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