[Sold] WTS Starter Toon


(Miyuki Chan) #1

Selling this toon

B/O: 5 Bill
Accepting Other offers

positive wallet
no kill right
Location Jita

:star2: Buying pilots - Fast payment!
:star: IChooseYou - Buying all pilots BACK AGAIN! Instant isk!
(Nihil Max) #2

offer 3b

(Miyuki Chan) #3

Can you make it to 4bill sir ?

(Nihil Max) #4

3.5b will be my top bid.

(Miyuki Chan) #5

okay i will note that.

(Nihil Max) #6

my bid expires in 14 more hours (24 hour total).

(Miyuki Chan) #7

Okay ill take that 3.5b offer|

awaiting acct / funds info.

(Nihil Max) #8

Isk and account info sent.

(Miyuki Chan) #9

Can confirm isk received.
Support ticket created.

Please bear with me

(Miyuki Chan) #10

The transfer has been completed as specified and the PLEX have been removed from the Vault.

You should have the character in your account now.

(Nihil Max) #11

Confirmed character received. Thanks.

(system) #12

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