WTS 3.5ms starter 2.5 b/o


Great starter character that can fly a T1 mining barge, has decent drone skills, decent core skills for a starter toon,

No assets, kill rights or other hang-ups, pos wallet, no standings good or bad, cleanish corp history, 2 maybe 3 remaps.

I was going to keep this one and re-activate her acct, but decided not to.

3,568,078 skill points at 850.sp = 3,032,866,300 isk and I only want 2.5

please post here not in game,

all ccp rules apply.

2.5 bill B/O but wont be able to send isk until 5 am tomorrow when i get home from work

I have 2.5 bil b/o ready to go now

@Ner_ro_Darkmist, online and ready to go, send isk and acct info to send her to.

2.5 bil sent along with account info.


rgr that, gimme a few mins and she will be on her way, will post here to confirm and will send you and ingame mail.



08 Apr 2018 17:57

shipping timer started, good luck and have fun,


Thank you!

Character received, thank you for the easy transaction. :+1:

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