Wts 2xstarter miners for sale 4.7m sp each

4 miners for sale all will respond below
all are 4.7m sp
Positive Wallet
No kill rights
in high sec amarr space
In NPC Corp
2 Bonus Remaps Available

4b bo each or make an offer

  • Hannah and Ava are sold

Hi i am for sale


Hi i am for sale


Hi i am for sale


Hayy! I hope youre having a great day! Are these still for sale?

Hi @FataleDemise_TitanBane all 4 are still available

3.5b for him?

Hannah and Ava 4b b/o

Hi @Every_Body Send isk and account name to each char i can start transfer right away(next hour then i have to head to work so it’ll be 9 hours time)

3.5b Offer for Rocky Ore

ISK and account info sent

Hi @Every_Body Both Hannah and Ava account transfer has started enjoy your new pilot

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Both @Rocky_Ore_Crusher and @Logan_Lucky are still for sale 4b bo

Have to retract, for 4.5b i can do similar, but mine

Deleted as comment above edited

I’ll change my offer to 4b for Rocky Ore

Hi @t0k3 Offer accepted send isk and account name can tranfers right away

3.75 for Logan? @Rocky_Ore_Crusher

messaged you ingame

@Rocky_Ore_Crusher and @Logan_Lucky are both still available 4b bo