WTS: 3.1M SP BC Pilot born 2006.07.03

I’ve had this character sitting around since forever. Used it some, many years ago. Hasn’t seen space in a while. Came from a friend back when I couldn’t fly a BC myself. Think it’s time to finally part ways with it. The person it came from wanted to push hard on PVP, so would love it to go to someone who’s going to put it as an aggressor on kill boards.


Name: trakerna
Security Status: 0.1
Wallet: 1 ISK
Assets: basic starter Ibis
SKINs: None
Remaps: 3
Resculpt: flagged for resculpt
Location: Jita IV Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
Born: July 3, 2006
Corp: Caldari Provisions (4095 days)

BID: 2.5B 1/21
BO: 5B

Ends 2 days after last bid.

Confirming I am for sale.

bid 2.5B

Got into a car accident yesterday, so a day behind. Please eve-mail me since it seems there’s no PM feature.

its sold?
If not I am interested.

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