WTS 3 Bowheads in amarr trade hub 3 Bils

3 bils each direct contract.

still available

Daily bump

Hey, i would offer 2.2bn for Jita bowhead

I am Ok only if you take both of bowheads available in jita.

oh im just interest in a single bowhead

well I guess it is ok, I ll send the contract to you.

Accepted, thanks.

still 3 for sale

How much for 2 and where would they be now that one has been purchased, 1 jit and 1 amarr? System?

Hi, now i have 2 in amarr and one in jita, 2.2 bil each.

Still 2 in amarr and 1 in jita, 2.2 bil.

Sent in game email…no response. Where in Amarr?

sorry for the delay, as this account is not my main, they are in amarr trade hub.

2 in amarr sold, there is still 1 in jita hub.

Contract to me.

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