WTS DDA 26% and up pending sell

all open to officers can move close to market hub(Jita,Amarr)

Drone Damage Bonus 26 %
CPU usage 17.44 tf
Powergrid Usage 1.0 MW

Drone Damage Bonus 26.2 %
CPU usage 23.66 tf
Powergrid Usage 1.0 MW

Drone Damage Bonus 28.2 %
CPU usage 19.15 tf
Powergrid Usage 1.0 MW

Offering 50bil for all 3

i can do 50b for all. What market hub would you like it around? What the name to send to?

Amarr but can you actually show the modules?

I need to see what I’m actually buying. Are they abyssals OR officer?

Contract send you can review and accept if you want it or decline will be up for 24 hours at which point i will start take other officers

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