WTS 3 Chars - Miner, Cyno, Gunnery

Hi, want to sell some of my accounts.

First: 5,4m SP ://eveboard.com/pilot/Anna_Lex

NPC Corp, positive Wallet
9days to hulk

Starting bid = 3,5bil
B/O= 5bil

Second: 7,4m SP http://eveboard.com/pilot/Citizen_0690

Starting bid = 6,5bil
B/O= 8bil

Will be transfered to NPC Corp, positive Wallet
Miner, can use Hulk, only 2h to Large T2 beam lasers

Third: 5,1m SP http://eveboard.com/pilot/Cyno_Schalampe

Starting bid = 4,5bil
B/O= 6bil

Exhumers V, Cynosural Field Theory V, Astrogeology V
NPC Corp, positive Wallet
Can use Covert Cyno


Cyno_Schalampe - 4.5 bil.

thanks, will wait one more day


You need to confirm sale with each character

You must verify you are in possession of each character by posting in this topic from each toon you are selling. Please remake your sale thread and do so.