WTS 3 ishtar pilot

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kate_Morelos 11.8ml Start bid 5bil B/O 7bil
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Lindsey_Graham 13mil Start bid 6bil B/O 9bil
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kate_Rossiter 10.9mil Start bid 5bil B/O 7bil

i’m selling my self

i’m selling myself

i’m also selling myself

5B for Kate Morelos

Kate_Morelos 5.5bill . Kate_Rossiter 5.5 bill. Do you agree?

@Panzer_Benz @Mr_76 keep bidding. Auction will be end due to 22 Feb.

Kate_Morelos 6bill . Kate_Rossiter 6 bill. Last price!

@Panzer_Benz offer accepted. Send me isk and desto id via in-game mail.

isk and info send wait transfer

transfer request tickets are submitted. soon later, it will be started. Thanks for the trades.

6B for [Lindsey Graham]

5B for Kate_Rossiter

6.5 B for [Lindsey Graham] is my last price if you accpet now.

In regards to the character, Lindsey Graham, with the circumstance as they are, are not eligible for sale at this time as she does not meet the requirements which are laid out in the rules:

OMG Why he is alpha state… i’ll change the status soon.
And, the other issue, do you have the permission to start transfer? I submitted tickets to start character transfer with 1000plex, but CCP doesn’t check my ticket yet.

That is not something that I can do, I’m just a volunteer forum moderator, you need to wait for a GM to process your ticket; if you’re looking for a speedy process you should use CC method as the PLEX method can and often does take considerably longer (more than 1 week).

Alpha/Omega state doesn’t matter. Being in, or in this case, not being in a NPC corp does :slight_smile:

https://forums.eveonline.com/u/Vrzua you start transfer?

i submitted ticket for you and another guy, but CCP didn’t take it yet… sorry i think they should check first about this kind of things, i have to start now with my credit card… sorry. really sorry.

no problem