WTS 30 millions SP, Tengu pilote, Assault Frigate and more!

Doctor Harmlet
1.No killrights
2.Positive wallet
3.In NPC corp
4.Toon is located in JITA
End 19/12/21 09pm GMT+1
Sarting bid 15 Bil
Buyout : 25 Bil
Bonne chance ! Good Luck !

15 b isk


16.5 Bill buyout offer. I know it’s not the 25 listed, but it is an offer nonetheless.

I take into account your offer, if tomorrow you are the winner, then this character will appear for you :slight_smile:


messaged you in-game.

16.7 b/

I take your offer into account, auction ends at 9pm :wink:

45 minutes left, after that it will be too late gogo !

do you have faction standings for level 4 missions

16.8 bill

you are win for 16.8bil, waiting isk and account info ingame mail :slight_smile:

Done and done

ok, the character is being transferred

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