[WTS] 30M SP, EAF/Recon pilot

Piper Arrogant

o/ folks.

Character info:

  • currently in Akkio (LowSec);
  • member of NPC Scope corporation;
  • security status is -9.7;
  • positive wallet;
  • have 1.5B assets in Maila (LowSec);
  • no kill rights;
  • actual clone have full low-grade Centurion set;
  • 2 remaps avaliable;
  • green killboard (ganker).

Starting bid - 17B.
Buyout - 25B.

Sold until 17:00 ET on October 13 at the maximum bid.




Sold to Legit Salesgirl! I am online so send 17.7 billion ISK and account name to transfer. I will start transfer.

isk and info sent ty

Character transfered.

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