[WTS] 25M SP Covert Ops pilot


The character was skilled up towards covert/blops however I never finished it so it is what it is. Can fly Caldari bomber, recon ships, and marauder, 1 hour from flying tengu. Decent missile skills.

No kill rights
Positive wallet
Has 1 remap plus 2 bonus.
Standard implants.
She is currently in High Sec.

18 bil



Offer stands for another hour then retracted.




19b b/o

Thanks for the offer, I will close the auction at 31st. If your offer will still be the highest and stand she’s all yours.

Daily bump

Buyout accepted.

Please send ISK and account info over evemail @me.

If winning bid didn’t get back to you I can match it

Thanks, I will wait couple more hours to see if i get a message and get back to you.

The buyer never came back to me. If your offer still stands please send ISK and account info though EVEMail @me and I will happily transfer her to you.

None of the interested party came back to me hence I am waiting for anybody else with final offer, if none replies this thread shall die.

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