WTS 30M SP PVE character

Hello, doing this first time so i hope no errors

Character is located in Obe ( i can move him to Jita)
Wallet balance: 1 isk
No kill rights
Jump clones available
Very good isk making machine with explo and tengu skills…also good skills in drone and armor department :slight_smile:


14B offer

You cannot really fly a tengu, you have literally 0 missile support skills. You have very strong core skills but I’m confused as to what this guy was supposed to do? For example, you have faction drones at 4, but then also drone interfacing at 4. Heavy Missiles 5, but then none of the support skills? Perhaps there is an ESI bug?

I’ll take it. Send isk and account name to transfer to


isk can be sent immediately

ok, if no better offer in 24h its yours

I can now declare my victory

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when you ready we can start :slight_smile:

isk send

Emails have been sent in-game

Transfer paid and started

SOLD…can be deleted if other party agrees

Char sale threads are not deleted per rules

oh didnt know that…i just wanted to say its sold…so can be closed or how its done…not sure…this was my first time selling :slight_smile:

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