WTS 30m - Sub cap & Carrier char


Remaps - 2

Positive wallet.

Positive Security Status.

Solid base skills.

Cyno V

Thank you

B/O - 35b

Or nearest offer.

48h sale.

starting you off with 25b

up up

up up

finaly, nope

and now 4 days are over, i was nearest offer, and you didnt even answer to my private message… good luck with your sale…

27b isk

@ToniLux_Miromme highest bid.

Looking to close the sale Saturday AM GMT

*Have been AFK this week, apologies.

Thank you

I can do 28bil

ISK will be ready when I’m back from work after 19:00 eve time

offer withdrawn. Thanks

BO 30b


^^^ up up

upupupupup up

28b isk offer

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