WTS - 30mil SP char

open to offers

contact in game - ezio katelo

Bump! We deal in game!

Black Shadow Albion

Corporation !(upload://w9p1JhYOwHEYt8IS9DUPc6dhaeX.png [The Scope](https://evewho.com/corp/The Scope)
Date of Birth 2012-07-24
Skill Points 30,502,733
Unallocated SP 309,255
Yearly Remap 1
Bonus Remaps 0
Security Status -3.62

Currently Training

Skill Name Gallente Battlecruiser IV
Time Remaining Training Paused
Completion Date

we deal for that caracter

I am out of the deal. The seller not answer here. I am not waiting more. Becareful with him.

sorry pal i do have a business to run full time cant always be at my laptop

7B I Give!

8B offer

19b b/o

i accept offer

money and account name sent.

transfer paid

isk received

character received thanks a lot

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