WTS 31m SP pilot (SOLD)

lists of lvl IV and lvl V skills

Spaceship Command:
Advanced Spaceship Command V
Amarr battlecruiser Cruiser IV
Amarr Battleship IV
Amarr Cruiser V
Amarr Destroyer V
Amarr Frigate V
Caldari Destroyer V
Exhumers IV
Gallente Cruiser IV
Gallente Frigate IV
Interceptors IV
Mining Barge V
Mining Frigate IV
Spaceship Command V

Acceleration Control IV
Afterburner IV
Evasive Maneuvering V
Fuel Conservation IV
High Speed maneuvering IV
Jump Drive Operation V
Jump Fuel Conservation IV
Navigation V
Warp Drive Operation V

Advanced Weapon Upgrades V
CPU management V
Capacitor Emission systems IV
Capacitor management IV
Capacitor Systems operation V
Electronic upgrades V
Energy Grid Upgrades V
Power Grid management V
Weapon Upgrades V

ALL Amarr at LVL 4

Em armor compensation IV
Explosive armor compensation IV
Hull upgrades V
Kinetic Armor Compensation IV
Mechanics V
Repair Systems IV

Shield Operation IV
Shield Upgrades IV
Tactical Shield Compensation IV

Long range targeting V
Magnetic Sensor compensation IV
Radar Sensor Compensation IV
Signature analysis V
Target management V

Controlled burst IV
Gunnery V
Large Energy turret V
Medium Energy turret V
Medium Hybrid Turret V
Rapid Firing IV
Sharpshooter V
Motion Prediction IV
Small energy turret V
Small projectile turret IV
Surgical Strike IV
Trajectory analysis IV

Heavy missiles V
Light missiles V
Missile Launcher Operation V
Missile bombardment IV

Advanced Drone Avionics IV
Drone avionics V
Drone Durability IV
Drone Interfacing V
Drone Navigation IV
Drone Sharpshooting V
Drones V
Heavy Drone operation IV
Light Drone operation V
Medium Drone operation V
Sentry Drone interfacing IV

Electronic systems:
Cloaking IV
Electronic warfare IV
Propulsion jamming IV

Fleet support:
Leadership V

Neural Enhancement:
Biology IV
Infomorph Psychology IV

Industry V

Science V

Resource Processing:
Astrogeology V
Kernite processing IV
Mining V
Mining upgrades IV
Pyroxes Processing IV
Reprocessing V
Scordite processing IV
Veldspar Processing IV

KB https://zkillboard.com/character/94297512/


Please provide password for http://eveboard.com/pilot/jimyang42110
Or link to https://eveskillboard.com/

Otherway ill offer 22b isk



@jimyang42110 Need to be in an NPC corp before you put your toon up for sale, so better drop your corp so ISD is happy.

23 bil

23.5 pending you get into an NPC corp

will do…thank you…

24 bil

24.5b offer

just a quick question… I’m new here… if i don’t have real money to pay for the character transfer… they say i can use plex for it and just send a ticket to ccp for the transfer? is it true? and how much plex do i need?

1000 plex loaded in plex vault which u can then submit ticket to ccp thru website and tell GM to start transfer


25.5 bil

25.6b offer

25.7 bil

26 bil buyout

26.5 online cash ready now for about 4 hours


27.5 bil cash ready

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Character Sold to Feoria Saissore… transfer in progress

Character sale negotiated in game

28 bil isk sent, account name sent via in game mail.

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