WTS 32.5M Subcap PVP Character

ISK positive
No Killright
Good Killboard
Fighter and Carrier skill injected
Good subcap pvp skills
Located in Jita
With +5 Implants

Start: 23B B/O: 28B

Thx for advice. I’ll fix it

Skilboard updated

23b offer

Yeah thx for offer I’ll wait for 3 days more for more bid

Skillborad cant open

Thx. Updated

Bump. 2 days left

Bump up

Bump. Last day

Bump up

I couldn’t contact with @Ishtar_mania so gonna start bid at 23b again

18b offer

Bump. Now it’s 32.5M

Bump up

Retracted Offer

Bump up

19B offer

20b b/o

22b then it’s yours :stuck_out_tongue: